Sunday, September 26, 2010

Links to Faculty Biographies

In alphabetical order:
Enzo Avolio - 1st Year Character Design
Stephen Barnes - 4th Year Mentor
Nancy Beiman - 2nd Year Storyboarding
James Caswell - 3rd Year Storyboarding
Rob Corbett - 2nd Year Performance
Trevor Davies - 2nd Year Digital, 4th Year Mentor
Bruno Degazio - Music, Audio, 4th Year Mentor
Peter Emslie - 2nd Year Character Design
Michel Hannan - 1st Year Animation, 4th Year Mentor
Klaas Hart - 1st and 2nd Year Life Drawing
Michael Hitchcox - 2nd Year Painting
Brian Hladin - 2nd Year Life Drawing
Florian Jacot - 1st Year Painting
Blair Kitchen - 4th Year Mentor
Mark Komza - 1st Year Layout, 4th Year Mentor
Mark Mayerson - 2nd Year Animation
Tim McCormack - 3rd Year Life Drawing
Geordie Millar - 2nd and 4th Year Life Drawing
Mark Palowich - 3rd Year Digital, 4th Year Digital and Mentor
Kaj Pindal - Animation History, 4th Year Mentor
David Quesnelle - 3rd Year Animation
Chris Somerville - 2nd Year Digital
Tony Tarantini - 3rd Year Layout
Mark Thurman - 1st Year Life Drawing
Jason Thompson - 1st Year Story, 4th Year Mentor
Chris Walsh - Stop Motion, Animation History, 4th Year Mentor
Maury Whyte - 1st Year Story, 4th Year Mentor